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Founded in 1843, the company Quervel Brothers distributes lubricants and, novelty at the (this) time, develops and manufactures mechanical lubricators centralized to facilitate oil sales. 
Quervel passes in 1928 under the control of Esso, and then in 1952, the director Mr. Rauzy bought the mechanical lubricators activity and created A.Rauzy and Co. Ltd.. 
The company VEAIRE-BROUSSET, another French manufacturer of lubricators, will be absorbed by A.Rauzy and Co. Ltd. in 1980. 
Mr. Rauzy died in 1984, and Mr. Pedemay, technical director since 1962, succeeded him until 1998. Shortly after, an international distribution equipment company for the oil industry buys the goodwill. This will allow the Rauzy Company to redeploy as the QUERVEL RAUZY, from new premises in Colombes (92). 
The manufacture of mechanical lubricators centralized, was gradually supplemented by an activity of special lubricating oil for gas compressor, and the distribution of various accessories and equipment for oil circuits (filters, cooling ... etc...) 

Moreover, since 1998, QUERVEL RAUZY can provide on request various components or spare parts for gas compressor. 

In connection with the proposed products, QUERVEL RAUZY has developed a service activity: 
  • Installation 
  • Troubleshooting 
  • Maintenance 
  • Maintenance contracts 
  • etc ... 
Since 2002, Quervel-Rauzy remains the only French manufacturer of high pressure lubrication systems for centralized rotating machinery, compressors, presses, cylinders etc..