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Application :

The machines generally equipped by Quervel-Rauzy centralized mechanical lubricators with independent high pressure oil pumps, are: 
  • Air or gas reciprocating compressors 
  • Hydraulic presses, RAM (cylinders) 
  • Raceways for transportation of powder (flour, cement, etc ...), rolling mills, machines for the manufacturing of glass, steel and rubber. 
  • Compactors and cement kilns 
  • Crushers, mills 
  • Machine for civil works 
  • Editing facilities, transport and handling 
  • Lubrication of mechanical system requiring precise multi lubrication points. 
The QUERVEL RAUZY lubricators are adaptable on existing installations. 

Average life in common use: 30 years. 
Marketing :

  • Commercial terms, delivery, period, etc., are customizable. Each application is still under a custom quote. 
  • Direct sales from the manufacture place, regardless of the customer (manufacturer, operator, central purchasing, maintenance company ...). 
  • Almost all the material produced is kept permanently in stock  
  • Repairs enable on all kinds of lubricators in factory (France). / Factory repair possible (enable) on all types of (kinds of) mechanical lubricators 
  • Technical documentation and advice available in French and English 
  • Specific studies on request 
  • Particular expertise in compressors 
  • Direct export practiced 
  • Competitive and efficient after-sales service (no network of distributor / dealer, direct contact).